Hello December….But I was not ready for you!

Hello everybody

It’s been a while !

So December is here , and I was not ready at all, feel like all this year just fly so fast!

I waked up this morning, I looked at my phone and I was like : lord It is not possible! It’s already the end of 2016! And I have not done any of the resolutions I made! Feels like I missed something.

And then I remembered that It was exams week and I had to hurry up and go to class.

I will not lie, I’m not a big fan of December, only because it’s exam days, and because , my parents are doing a job that does not allow them to take a day off on holidays like they wish, we never really celebrate Christmas. And that period make me very sad, because I see all the families getting together and I’m here just wishing I could get to see mine just once a year.

When I was young I was so proud of my parent’s job, I was bragging all time about it to all my friends. Growing up, taught me that I would not have a normal time with them.

So how will I spend Christmas? : well simply with some friends, at my little studio, eating, singing and enjoying a little break before final exams!

What about your holidays ? Family ? Boyfriend, girlfriend time ? Nothing planned ? Alone with your Netflix ?

I was sick this weekend and couldn’t post anything I was planning on posting.

But no worries, I’m preparing some new posts for you, different subject , and I can’t wait to share it with you.

For now I went back to my favorite place last week, with my friend and we took some picture of a look I don’t really wear often, but I liked it, hope you will too.
It’s good to be back healthy and happy, take care of your health my little fellas, it’s very important, I was neglecting it for years and now I have to be very careful!

Enjoy your day and see you soon <3

15356066_10154724075536192_2025430838_n 15301191_10154724075521192_1002728634_n 15356041_10154724075476192_919426493_n 15401440_10154724075386192_2072270475_n 15403139_10154724075336192_340782073_n 15327741_10154724075236192_1418578258_n 15310336_10154724075211192_927253372_n 15328380_10154724075626192_2113867886_n 15401485_10154724075596192_821900302_n 15401439_10154724075261192_2007427808_n

Pictures by Isabelle P.

Kisses ♥♥♥♥


Red is my favorite color

Hello Everydody, I hope you are doing just fine on that sunny day

I was so happy to wake and feel the sun on my face, before going to school for my early morning test.

Yesterday was so cloudy , I never thought we would have a little sun !

That’s Bordeaux weather always surprising me…

So I pulled out my favorite red dress, to celabrate the sun.

What a beautiful day ! I went to my secret place near to my university and did a shooting with the help of my friend ( Isabelle, always here !). We had a lot of fun shooting today as the scenery was very beautiful.

I hope you will like it too 🙂

I’m preparing an article about cooking when you are a student and you are broke like me hahah , so stay tuned it might come this week or the next one, depends on my exams 🙁

What would you like me to do next ?

If you have any idea you can leave a comment below or send me an email at : sandryameogo@gmail.com

You can also follow me on Instagram : Sanaamika


15310575_10154705750211192_1717186201_n 15301356_10154705750181192_840685546_n 15301171_10154705750036192_961567991_n 15228086_10154705749831192_206134200_n 15240242_10154705749666192_1958253258_n 15320298_10154705749491192_222929184_n 15227871_10154705749296192_1978552240_n 15300586_10154705748996192_1745871450_n 15239298_10154705750321192_608331456_n 15240308_10154705750256192_1135836008_n 15282068_10154705748716192_1962173979_n 15282049_10154705749126192_1575603839_n 15301084_10154705748591192_824081056_nPictured by Isabelle P



Cold weather and lazy life…

Hello Everybody ! How you doing ?

I was not feeling like  dressing up today , I went to the library and decided to take pictures…yeah library..I did not want to go outiside , it was so cold!

My tuesdays are usually my day off , but I got school and I will just go to classes and do my homeworks, relax and see friends. That cold weather make me lazy, so today was tea day and watching some of my favorite shows.

What do you usually do on tuesdays ? Chilling like me ?

I hope you are enjoying your day even if it’s not sunny outside… I do! surrounded by some of my favorite people….

15240216_10154703785451192_235238101_n 15227860_10154703785441192_2138939835_n 15239179_10154703785426192_1892781173_n
15209231_10154703785456192_544394704_n 15228031_10154703785361192_1643236569_n 15211504_10154703785381192_1447026614_n 15301338_10154703785366192_483681627_n15240229_10154703785466192_1673245770_nBlurred pictures, the quality was not here but still I wanted to share with you my very normal day as a student in Bordeaux…

A special thanks to my friend and now my personal photographer : Isabelle P. <3

Kisses from both of us.


Throw back time….. 2 years ago!

Hello everybody, I hope you are doing fine,

I’m still here ! Surviving the university and working life.

I had that strange conversation with a friend about how we always hate throw backs pictures, so I went to dig into mine , and I was surprise to like myself even more in the past, I wish I could go back to that time.

This throw back is from two years ago, at the exact time I started this blog, I meant to write an article about this look but forgot about it.

I hope you will enjoy it !

IMG_0833IMG_0831IMG_0830IMG_0827IMG_0911IMG_0900All pictures belong to Lyzie Mccake photography !

I need to put a link to her blog as soon as I find it.

It was a total H&M look, and at that moment I hated myself for gaining 10 kg suddently out of nowhere!

But my friend convainced me to pose. I’m happy she made me do that, I enjoyed it and I made great memories of that day.



Monday Neutral Look and more to come…

I’m back!!! It’s been a while , I was really busy with my life and a little bit lost. I went to Asia to look for some answers and then The USA, but I did not find anything.
It took me some time to finally realise that what I was missing was right here.
I will be here more often trying to post daily if possible. If not it will be weekly, I’m on exam period and I’m also working to fond my travelings and my living expenses, so don’t expect too much from me (hahaha).
Here I am  with my Monday Neutral Look. Thanks to Isabelle my amazing photographer for helping me today.
We took pictures at my university and it’s was very funny, cause some of my classmates was making fun of me posing!!

University photoshoot! While all my classmates was passing by, I was striking the pose as if it was normal! That’s why they call me crazy <3
Parka by Pull and Bear
Glasses by a Seoul creator ( I don’t remember his name)
Most of the time I don’t give a fuck about make up , but today I tried ( I said I tried, stop judging me now, I’m not a make up artist )
Boots by Missguided


15218737_10154700904556192_383256217_nPictures by Isabelle P.


I’ll see you all  tomorrow with a new post, I will gather the pictures of my travels from this past year and share it with you! Stay tunned <3



Once upon a time

Once upon a time In France a girl decided that she want to creat a blog  and share her daily  look , life with the world.Maybe she is crazy maybe she is not , but who cares ? She is here and want to share all those beautiful things with people who wants to listen.

                                                          Will you follow her into her crazy world ?




IMG_0983              IMG_0982IMG_0974IMG_1030

                                                                          Dress by H&M!

A few  months ago I had the pleasure to do a shooting with a really good friend. It was my first time doing that , and I really enjoyed taking those pictures! She did a really good job!

Pictures by Lyzie M

I hope you will enjoy my first post and stay tuned for more news !